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Name:Malik Ravenhead

Heterogeneous: consisting of elements that are not of the same kind or nature.

Malik Ravenhead: Not so much deceitful as imprecise.

All you really need to know if your character is interacting with him: Malik is an Original Character (OC)
Appearance: 5-11 tall, blue eyes, blonde hair, athletic build. Malik is a true angel, although the wings are not visible unless he chooses to show them. If he does, they are pure snowy-white. He speaks with what sounds like a British accent.

More background info: Dual-natured like his father, Vahlmir Ravenhead. Malik doesn't hold with fancy ideals of extreme purity, or fine notions of extremes of good and evil. It's all mixed up. Like him. Which is okay because accepting one's own - and indeed the universe's mixed-upness - can bring about an unusual kind of clarity.

As his father is a famed psychological and psychic healer on his homeworld, as well as a god and chieftain, Malik often comes out with bizarre pseudo-psychological ideas - so try to forgive him. He's technically not mature until he's 500, so for now he's young and dumb.

The muse is immortal. He's 47, but looks around 20, and will do so for millennia to come. He's not as emotionally mature as a 47 year-old - or even a 20 year old - should be. Kayori youngsters are far more advanced than human youngsters in some ways, and far more immature in others.

The mun is WAY over 18.

((This is a role-playing journal for a fictional character. I am not Sting, nor am I affiliated with him in any way. Unless playing Invisible Sun over and over again until my housemates ALL HATE ME qualifies....))
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